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Senior Instructor - Jeremiah Munoz (Shihan)

Sensei Jeremiah has been training for almost 20 years in traditional Samurai and Ninjutsu martial arts. Being led to a website in his early 20s, he sought out authentic teachers of the ancient Ninja arts which led him on a journey across the United States, and Japan. Having trained with some of the top masters from around the world Jeremiah Sensei has a unique blend of teaching traditional kata forms, with a modern application. He is the head instructor and the DojoCho (Chief Operator) of KYD.

Instructor - Joseph Harshberger (Shidoshi)

Sensei Joe first came to us when his son joined our Little Ninja program. In the Dojo he felt a connection that agreed with his own pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. He has a passion to share the art, and holds the rank of GoDan (5th Degree Black Belt)

Dojo Lineage


*Toshitsugu Takamatsu

*Masaaki Hatsumi

*Joel Everett - DaiShihan

*Jeremiah Munoz - Shihan

*Dustin Alexander - Shidoshi

*Joseph Harshberger - Shidoshi

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