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Student Payments

What Does Training Look Like?

EARTH (White & Yellow Belt) - Grounding and Power 

Combat Stances, Strikes, Takedowns, and Escapes!

Also, learn how to avoid becoming a victim of aggressors or

 "bullies". In this level you will study how to ground yourself and 

dominate the most common day attacks.

WATER - Strategy  

Learn how to gather distance and proper timing to asses the real problem and deliver the appropriate response. Here we introduce strategy for Self-defense as a crucial skill to have in today's world. One effective way to defend yourself is by using strategy. This involves being aware of your surroundings, identifying potential threats, and having a plan of action in case of an attack. By using strategy, you can increase your chances of staying safe and protecting yourself in dangerous situations! 

FIRE - Action

Proactive self-defense is a crucial aspect of personal safety. By taking proactive measures, you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. This can include things like learning self-defense techniques, being aware of your surroundings, and taking steps to secure your home and belongings. Remember, the best defense is a good offense.

WIND - Action in Motion

The flowing movement for self-defense is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to protect themselves and their communities. By to move with grace and fluidity, practitioners can effectively defend themselves against multiple attackers while minimizing the risk of injury. With its emphasis on flowing movement for self-defense it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their situational awareness and self-defense skills.


What's the Cost?

Unlimited Classes - $80 per person per month.

These classes cover our Elemental Unarmed Combat, Traditional Weapons, and Weapons of the Samurai and Ninja of ancient Japan, along with modern adaptations.


What do I wear?

All of our enrolled students: Wear a black traditional DoGi, indoor Tabi (Ninja Shoes) or socks, and a black, grey, or white TShirt.

Visitors: Feel free to come in whatever workout clothes you like. Make sure they are comfortable and you are not too attached (as you may get them damaged during training).


What Ages?

We currently offer Adult Classes (13+ yrs) teaching from White - Black Belts


Why KYD? 

Although there are many different Martial Arts schools, and fighting styles, not all are created equally. Some will focus on winning tournaments, others will be focused on forms and dance routines, while few focus on real world self-defense.

We focus on real world problems and answers! We do not compete. We do not wait for a bell to start. We do not focus on facing an attacker the same size as us (typically they will be bigger or think themselves stronger). We do not learn dancing, acrobatics, or flashy moves. The Warrior trains to get home, happy, and healthy! We train that you are already winning when you come home, and already are a champion amongst your loved ones! This is the "Art of Winning".

           WATER Class
           EARTH Class
           WIND Class
           Weapons Class
            All Belts 7-8pm
            FIRE Class
2002 Englewood Ave Suite E
Yakima WA 98902

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