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2002 Englewood Ave Suite E

Yakima WA 98902


What We Do:

We offer modern applications and teachings of the ancient Japanese Martial Arts (KoBudo) unarmed combat that have been passed down for centuries!

We also provide classical KoBudo (Samurai Battlefield Martial Arts) Weapons Training using weapons like:

*Kenjutsu (Japanese Sword)

*KusariFundo (Weighted Chain)

*Bojutsu (6 ft. Staff)

*Shuriken (stars/projectile weapons)

*Hanbojutsu (3 ft. Staff)

and more!

KYD teaches you the "Art of Winning"!

* You will handle those difficult moments in your life with more confidence

* Learn how to take command

* Protect those that you love as well as yourself

* Feel empowered to succeed, without the fear of rejection or intimidation

* Become a real protector of the world... and much more!

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